1. Road safety in India: a public health concern

2. Disabilities caused due to stroke

3. An epidemiological overview of child sexual abuse

4. Role of systematic reviews and meta-analysis in evidence based health-care

5. Statistical and methodological challenges in Cochrane public health systematic reviews: an overview

6. Meta-regression: adjusting covariates during meta-analysis

7. Methodological considerations in network meta-analysis

8. Network meta-analysis: an illustration

9. A tool to measure complexity in public health interventions: its statistical properties and meta-regression approach to adjust it in meta-analysis

10. Complexity in public health interventions – stakeholder’s perspective: a qualitative analysis

11. Effect of exclusive breastfeeding on rota-virus infection among children

12. Policy prescription from systematic review evidence on conditional cash transfer for improving the uptake of health interventions in low and middle income countries

13. Public health priorities of South-Asia: an overview

14. Does atraumatic restorative treatment reduce dental anxiety in children? A systematic review and meta-analysis